UPDATE: Additional members of Ohio Task Force 1 arrive in Florida

36 more members from Ohio Task Force 1 left Thursday to head down to southeast Florida to help with hurricane relief efforts.

According to the Ohio Task Force 1 Facebook post, the team members drove all night and arrived Friday morning where they became a Type I team with 83 members and seven canines.

Waterborne and land-based evacuations along with damage assessments occurred Thursday with the original taskforce team Thursday, the post said.

The team has conducted three rescues, 42 evacuations, 11 general assists, helped with shelter in place (18) and with 145 structure assessments while in Florida, the post continued.

The initial taskforce left last Saturday with equipment and preparations ahead of the tropical storm. On Wednesday, they went from Alabama to southeastern Florida.

Hurricane Ian went from a Category Four storm to a post-tropical cyclone, according to the Associated Press.

“All members are in good health and good spirits, ready for what lies ahead,” the Ohio Task Force 1 said in their Facebook post.