Vandalia using ARPA funds to upgrade city playgrounds, pave roads

$1.6 million allocation used to “benefit entire community”

Vandalia officials have spent about half of the city’s $1.6 million American Rescue Plan allocation and intend to put most of the remaining funds into local playground upgrades.

“Our council wanted to use the money for projects that would be tangible and visible to the people of our city,” said Vandalia spokesperson Rich Hopkins via email. “These are projects that are necessary, and will benefit the entire community.”

Vandalia’s projects so far have consisted of creating restroom facilities, paying out public safety bonuses, small business grants and road paving projects throughout the city.

In 2023, the city plans to spend about $225,000 on each of three playgrounds at the sports complex, Helke Park and Robinette Park.

Plans for the small amount left over will be decided once the parks projects are fully complete, said Hopkins.

Municipalities have until 2024 to fully allocate their ARPA funds and until 2026 to fully spend the funds.

Editor’s Note: This story is part of a Dayton Daily News series tracking how dozens of our area’s largest governments are spending hundreds of millions of dollars combined from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Visit our “Billions in COVID aid: Where it’s going” special section on our partner newspaper’s website at to see summaries from other communities.

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