Water searches continue for missing boy in Dayton nearly 2 weeks after he was last seen

Crews are continuing to search for a missing 7-year-old boy in Dayton nearly two weeks after he was last seen near Harshman Road and Eastwood MetroPark.

Lucas Roslaes was fishing with his family on April 29 when he went missing. Nearly two weeks later and area fire departments, police and volunteer search groups are still looking for the boy.

Dayton police said foul play is not suspected.

On Thursday Dayton and Beavercreek Twp. fire department crews were out with a volunteer search group and canine units on the Mad River.

“We’re going to put one dog and one rescuer on our boat,” said Dayton Fire Department District Chief Matt McClain. “We’re going to float them down the river with our rescue swimmers.”

Some of the dogs with the search group are specially trained in finding scents underwater, he added.

The crews plan to float down the river near Harshman Road down to the Great Miami Valley River. Dogs and crews will also be searching along the river and will stop to search more thoroughly if dogs get any hits, McClain said.

Search teams have used a variety of equipment including aerial and underwater drones, K-9 units and water removal in an attempt to find Lucas. Last week crews were able to make a temporary dam on the Mad River to allow teams to search areas that previously weren’t accessible.

Lucas’ father, Agustin Rosales, previously said the family warned Lucas about being too close to the water and told him to stay back.

His sister, Da’najiah Wakefield, said Lucas was playing near her and their father but left to be with other family members so he wouldn’t scare the fish.

One family member said they heard something fall and a splash and the someone crying, Da’najiah added.

The family searched for Lucas for about 15 minutes before they called police.

His mother, Amanda Rosales, said last week it’s been difficult waiting for Lucas to be found.

“You sit here waiting for him to come running out or something or for someone to tell you that they found him,” she said. “When you’re just sitting here for hours upon hour and nobody’s found him yet it’s just torture.”

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