‘We started something special’; Growth at Innovative Plastic Molders continues 20 years later

What began as a husband and wife team with one molding machine has since expanded into a nearly 100-employees with more than 30 machines molding thousands of plastic products each day since Innovative Plastic Molders Inc. opened in 2004.

Innovative Plastic Molders, located at 10451 Dog Leg Road in Dayton, recently marked its 20th year in operation, growing from a small business to a plastics molding company with customers across North America.

“We are so proud of reaching this milestone, and we are thriving and excited for the future of our company,” said Brian O’Leary, owner of Innovative Plastic Molders. “The support of our valued clients, dedicated employees, and the local community has been instrumental in our success.”

When O’Leary graduated from Ohio University, he had a goal to start his own business within 10 years after graduating, he said.

A few years after his wife, Andrea, and he had been married, he quit his job to open Innovative Plastic Molders. His wife got her master’s in education, and while they were raising their two sons, they also built their careers and their business.

“Through the trials and tribulations of everything, here were are, 20 years later,” O’Leary said.

O’Leary credited the employees who have been a part of their team for contributing to the business’ growth.

“We started something special over those years, and it’s amazing that we made it,” O’Leary said.

“Companies like Innovative Plastic Molders are a perfect example of the American dream coming to fruition,” said Julie Sullivan, Dayton Development Coalition executive vice president of regional development. “We are excited to watch Innovative Plastic Molders continue to grow and succeed in the Dayton region.”

If it’s plastic, they can mold it.

Innovative Plastic Molders has made approximately 600 different kinds of molds, offering custom molding and industrial grade resins.

Innovative Plastic Molders does full assembly for some of the products made at its warehouse in Vandalia, including bird feeders, many of which are the ones that will be found in stores like Walmart, along with baby gates and baby potty training seats.

“We do a lot of retail stuff,” O’Leary said.

Other products include parts for child car seats, small parts for vehicle and corner protectors for Sealy mattresses.

The business also focuses on recycling materials, making bird feeders and some of the potty training seats out of 100% curbside recycled plastic.

“Over the years that we’ve been using this material, we have saved over 400 million yogurt cups from going into landfills,” O’Leary said.

The business has strong community roots, O’Leary said, partnering with various school districts when it comes to helping youth learn about business.

Looking back at 20 years of his business and more than three decades in the plastics industry, O’Leary has exceeded his original dreams, he said.

“I shattered my dreams. I figured I’d have 10 machines, and then here we are with 32,” O’Leary said.

The drive to succeed is part of what keeps him going every day.

“You got to have a passion for it,” O’Leary said. “That was the thing, with all the hard stuff we go through and everything we did, you got to be willing to wake up every day and keep fighting.”

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