Wright-Patterson holding active shooter exercise Wednesday

Credit: 88th Air Base Wing Public Affair

Credit: 88th Air Base Wing Public Affair

Residents may hear Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s public address system, sirens and see some traffic changes as the base holds an active shooter response exercise Wednesday.

The base will go into “full lock-down” as part of exercise, the base said.

Wright-Patterson planners have notified area emergency response departments and dispatch centers about the exercise.

“This is a base exercise,” Garth Freund, 88th Inspector General Office program manager, said in a base announcement. “We don’t want off-base police or fire to respond to the base.”

The base cautioned that drivers in the area may see base gate traffic delays and rerouting, increased security measures and more.

“Every facility on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base could be impacted by an active shooter,” Freund said. “You can’t assume it will never happen to me.”

Base employees may get lockdown notices via text messages, phone calls and the base public address system, sometimes called the “giant voice.”

“People in the immediate proximity of the active shooter exercise should respond accordingly, which is run, hide and, as a last resort, fight,” the base said.

Because this is an exercise, the base asks that individuals not call 911 or other emergency telephone numbers.

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