‘Mighty 88th’s’ vision statement puts Airmen first

Mission nothing without Team Wright-Patt’s people, leader says

The 88th Air Base Wing’s personnel are a “powerful weapon system” in Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s arsenal, a top civilian leader said.

The 88 ABW is resolute in carrying out its vital mission to the base. This is defined by the wing’s new vision statement – “The premier air base wing ... one team – people-driven, mission-focused!”

“It is so important to begin a strategic plan with a mental picture of the desired, future state of the organization,” said Gregory Leingang, 88 ABW vice director. “Our vision statement really captures the basis for everything else we do as we pursue our strategic plan.”

Above all, any vision statement needs to be something that everyone in the organization wants to share and can be proud of standing behind, Leingang stressed.

“88th ABW senior leaders spent a good deal of time trying to capture the essence of the culture that we want to exist here in the wing, and every word of our vision statement is meant to capture a piece of that desired culture,” he added. “We aspire to be the premier air base wing – the wing that Air Force members think of when they are looking for best practices and excellent customer service.

“We recognize that the people of the 88th Air Base Wing are our most powerful weapon system, and we strive to invest in the development and sustainment of our people.”

88 ABW supports more than 115 mission partners and agencies, making the new vision statement more critical than ever.

Leingang says it shows the wing is clearly committed to mission focus.

“We know why we serve this country every day, and we put our passion and skills to work serving our partners to the best of our ability,” he said.

“Human beings are unique in that we can intentionally act today for the purpose of benefiting our future selves, and that is why we created the vision. We want everyone in the 88th to be energized by a picture of an organization that is known for its mission excellence and its dedication to its workforce, and we want everyone to work toward making that vision a reality every day.”

The new vision statement is also aimed at benefiting Airmen, military and civilian personnel by showing how “valued, trusted and supported” they are at Wright-Patterson AFB, Leingang added.

“Our vision statement is all about the well-being of our mission and the well-being of our workforce and families – that is what we are striving to achieve,” he said. “When we work to strengthen our capabilities, and when we invest in our workforce and families, I think we ultimately develop a culture that exudes confidence and competence, and we become a destination employer.

“People will receive development opportunities and training, and people will take pride in their work knowing how their work supports the Air Force and our mission partners.”

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