Wright-Patt commander: ‘Drastic increase’ in COVID cases prompts public health emergency

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s commander on Friday declared a public health emergency amid the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

“We are on a path for HPCON Charlie,” Col. Pat Miller, 88th Air Base Wing and Installation Commander, said in a video posted on social media about the next health condition protection level he expects to announce next week.

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“We continue to see a drastic increase in new cases, as well as we’re starting to see some serious capacity issues in hospitals both on and off our installation. In fact right now we have six patients in our medical center that are dealing with COVID issues and one of those patients is on a ventilator,” Miller said.

The base is now at HPCON Bravo for moderate increased community transmission.

HPCON Charlie signifies substantial, sustained community transmission.

It does not close the base but limits it to “mission essential work functions and base services for life health and sustenance only.

Following are Department of Defense protocols for HPCON Charlie:

  • Expect cancellation of in-person gatherings (such as school, daycare and all community activities) and restricted ability to travel.
  • Plan activities for family members, especially children, in case you are restricted to your home for prolonged time periods.
  • Prepare for the potential of limited access to supplies and services, including severely restricted access to military installations.
  • Implement remote work procedures as directed by your employer.
  • If outside the U.S., authorized or ordered departure actions may be implemented.

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