3 Butler County elections employees test positive for coronavirus

The Butler County Board of Elections has had three employees test positive for the coronavirus since yesterday, but officials say they have not had contact with early voters.

BOE Director Diane Noonan said the employees self-reported positive tests yesterday and today and they are on a 14-day quarantine. She could not say whether they are symptomatic.

More than 10,000 voters have cast early ballots and Assistant Director Eric Corbin said “we can’t stop the election” when asked if the entire building needs to be sequestered.

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They are following all the prescribed protocols for disinfecting, providing masks, face shields, hand sanitizer and the like.

“These people have not been in the early voting room and they have not had contact with the voters,” Corbin said. “Yes they have had contact with other people in the office, absolutely unavoidable to do that."

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