5 things to know today about the coronavirus: Clark County Fair opens with masks, Montgomery County still on high alert

It is Monday, July 27, and theses are 5 things to know about the coronavirus pandemic today.

The Clark County Fair is opening with precautions in place

The Clark County Fair kicked off Saturday with some familiar sights – and many new.

Most notable: The majority of patrons were wearing masks, per orders from the Ohio Department of Health meant to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Cases pass 84,000, over 1,200 new cases reported today

There have been 84,073 cases of coronavirus and 3,307 deaths reported in Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Health. There are a total of 889 new reported cases in the past 24 hours.

A total of 79,573 cases and 3,049 deaths are confirmed by the state. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 10,199 people have been hospitalized and 2,444 people have been admitted to an intensive care unit. The state estimates that 58,465 people have recovered.

Montgomery County is still on high alert for coronavirus risk

The latest coronavirus case data shared Thursday afternoon showed that Montgomery County is still at a high level of coronavirus risk, with outbreaks linked to large parties, long-term care facilities, day cares and workplaces. In the past two weeks, coronavirus-related trips to the emergency department rose, as did the number of people visiting their doctors and being diagnosed with COVID-19. Of those cases, more than 60 percent were not in congregate settings like nursing homes, meaning the coronavirus is being passed along in the broader community.

Local restaurants are at greater danger as virus rebounds

As the pandemic continues and coronavirus cases begin to rise again in certain areas, local restaurants are being hit hard. Alexis Larsen spoke to the owners of Roost Modern Italian and Old Scratch Pizza in Dayton, who said that restaurants may have their dining rooms open, but customers have simply not been coming, putting already-impacted businesses at risk of closing entirely.

What family activities are safer during the pandemic?

The question of what constitutes a safe activity for families is an important one with an unclear answer, as the risk of different activities can vary. For example, going on a camping trip, where you and your family are distant from other campers has a very low risk. However, visiting high-traffic areas like amusement parks or using air travel have a much higher risk.

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