Cleanup order extended at Miami Twp. home where 20+ cats have been removed

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

More than 15 cats removed from Miami Twp. home

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A Miami Twp. woman has been charged criminally stemming from the removal of more than 20 cats from her home and property.

  • Complaints about odors prompted humane society agents to visit Jean Diamond's home June 9
  • At least 15 cats were removed from the residence June 9
  • Diamond has pleaded not guilty to charges that include neglect and abuse
  • Health inspectors have extended an order for her to clean up her home and property
  • She has until July 10 to clean up her property. A court hearing is set for July 24

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UPDATE @ 6:15 p.m. (June 29):  Health inspectors from Dayton and Montgomery County said they have seen enough progress at Jean Diamond's home to warrant an extension of their cleanup order.

Inspectors told News Center 7’s Mike Campbell on Thursday they cannot control the number of animals in the woman’s home, they are just mostly concerned with the living conditions and making sure the animals are in good condition.

Health inspectors were called to Diamond’s home June 9. The property later was declared a nuisance property. Montgomery County Humane Society investigators also arrived that day and removed 17 cats and kittens.

The cleanup process of the property, according to Dan Suffoletto of Dayton-Montgomery Public Health, includes "removing any soiled carpet, soiled furniture, cleaning up walls."

Even though the cleanup has been going on for weeks, neighbors still say that they are frustrated.

According to Diamond’s neighbors, the smell coming from the house is still overwhelming and cats continue to come and go.

Lyn Duba, a friend and supporter of Diamond’s, said keeping the cats at the home is an act of compassion and not cruelty. She said people can't see the progress being made and are unaware of how the problem started.

Duba claims that people took advantage of Diamond by dumping animals on the property.

She said there is no cruelty occurring and if there was a crime, it would be a crime of compassion.

Duba and other supporters told Campbell they want to see criminal charges against Diamond dropped.

On June 9, more than 15 cats were removed from her home on Washington Park Drive. At the time, humane society investigators said there could be dozens more cats in the house.

This week (June 27), Diamond pleaded not guilty in Miamisburg Municipal Court to four counts of neglect and abuse of animals. They are misdemeanors punishable by 90 days in jail and/or a $750 fine.

She has been assigned a public defender. A hearing has been scheduled for July 24.

According to humane society agents, Diamond has forfeited 21 cats to the agency.

Also This week, she reportedly told health officials she had another two dozen cats at the residence. Neighbors have told Campbell they believe the number of cats is much higher.

“I live right next door and the smell is repugnant,” neighbor Jessica Johnson said.  “We can’t open up our windows.”

Johnson said Diamond has had problems with cats for at least nine years.

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“The daughter moved out, then the husband moved out and she just accumulated more and more cats,” Johnson said.

Humane Society agents found so may cats in the house they didn’t have enough pet carriers to remove them all when they arrived June 9.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Humane Society investigators confirm it's not their first time at the home.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Johnson said the cats have created a nuisance in the neighborhood.

“Every single day there’s more feces,” she said, noting the cats destroy gardens and spray tires, creating a smell.

Diamond has until July 10 to clean up her home, which has been labeled a nuisance property by the health department.

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Miami Twp. police and Humane Society agents at Miami Twp. home, June 9, 2017. MIKE CAMPBELL/STAFF
Miami Twp. police and Humane Society agents at Miami Twp. home, June 9, 2017. MIKE CAMPBELL/STAFF