FBI and Miamisburg police are searching Sugarcreek Reserve for a second day for Chelsey Coe

Another fruitless search has ended, and the struggle to ‘get Chelsey back to her mother’ continues

Local and federal investigators Thursday concluded three days of searches at a Greene County park related to the disappearance of a Miamisburg woman missing for the last year.

Miamisburg police and FBI teams had closed Sugarcreek MetroPark during daytime hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, using cadaver dogs and their handlers to seek evidence or to find Chelsey Coe, who was 25 when she disappeared.

Officials have said it is unlikely that Coe is alive.

“We’d just like to get Chelsey back to her mother,” Miamisburg Sgt. Jeff Muncy said.

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The searches and closures of the 618-acre MetroPark shocked some park users.

On Thursday morning, Tina Moronell discovered her access to using the running trails blocked by the search.

“It’s disturbing to say the least,” the Washington Twp. resident said. “We think of the park as a place for families and recreation. You don’t think of it as a crime scene. So it’s quite disturbing.”

Moronell said she enjoys frequenting the park with running groups because its clean and safe.

“So it’s very family oriented,” she said. “I don’t know what they’re going to find, and I hope the mom will find peace and they can resolve the situation.”

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Muncy said no new searches are currently planned. Officers will continue to talk with anyone who has any information about Coe, Muncy said, but he added the people associated with Coe shortly before she disappeared aren’t easy to find.

“Some don’t have a permanent address, don’t want to talk to police,” Muncy said. “It makes them tough to find.”

Clues that led more than 20 agents from federal, state and local agencies to search the park this week did not come through a previous search in Miamisburg, but rather were discovered recently, police said.

The search was not prompted by items found in early May after authorities raided Coe’s last-known address and searched neighboring properties, said Muncy.

“A lot” of evidence found during the search on Lower Miamisburg Road is “still being processed. We haven’t got a lot of that back yet,” he said.

Instead, the search at the Greene County park was prompted “through other things I’ve done throughout the investigation that led us here,” Muncy said.

He indicated authorities recently came across the clues when asked about the timing of the park search.

“This is when we got the information, and this is when we decided to do the search,” Muncy said.

Authorities have reason to believe the park may have been one of the last places Coe was seen before she disappeared.

Sharon Rahe uses the park and said, “I wish the person that did it would just fess up and say where, if there’s a body out here.”