Area college to add new engineering degree program

A southwest Ohio college is planning to expand its engineering program.

Cedarville University’s school of engineering and computer science will introduce a new civil engineering major in the fall of 2018. Cedarville trustees approved the new major in January, according to the university.

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The degree still needs approval from the Higher Education Commission but the university anticipates the commission will sign off on the program. The major has already been approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, according to Cedarville.

Cedarville officials hope to make the school more competitive by adding civil engineering to its academic offerings.

“We have been highly competitive already, as shown by the increase in numbers with this year’s incoming students, but the number of schools with a civil engineering major as well as a Christian focus is very small,” said Robert Chasnov, dean of the school of engineering and computer science.

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Civil engineering will be the fifth major in Cedarville’s engineering and computer science school. Students can pursue computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, according to the school.

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