Atrium Medical Center’s traffic safety initiative awarded grant money

The Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Ohio Traffic Safety Office has awarded nearly $42,000 in federal funding to Atrium Medical Center’s Level III Trauma Center, which manages a traffic safety program in collaboration with other community partners.

The funding is for the current federal fiscal year 2018.

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This is the eighth consecutive year Atrium has received the grant, which will continue to fund the hospital’s traffic safety initiative known as Warren County Safe Communities Coalition. The coalition focuses on motor vehicle and traffic safety awareness initiatives. In addition to Atrium Medical Center, coalition members include Warren County law enforcement agencies, local government agencies, Warren County Career Center and Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Warren County Safe Communities will continue to partner with community members to increase the county’s traffic safety awareness by offering outreach campaigns and educational opportunities throughout the year.

“We are committed to working with our safety partners to raise awareness about traffic safety concerns in Warren County with the goal of preventing injuries from traffic crashes,” said Ann Brock, trauma outreach coordinator for Atrium Medical Center and coordinator for Warren County Safe Communities Coalition.

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The Ohio Traffic Safety Office administers funding statewide that it receives from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to support the efforts of safety partners. Priority areas that are focused on include seatbelt use, impaired driving, motorcycle safety and youth drivers.

Competitive grant proposals are accepted and reviewed by the state traffic safety division. The competitive process solicited proposals from state agencies, nonprofit organizations, colleges, universities, hospitals, political subdivisions and other interested groups within selected Ohio counties and jurisdictions based upon the number of fatal crashes.

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