Audit cites Dayton charter school chief’s improper hiring of family members

A state audit on Tuesday found that City Day Community School Superintendent Crystal Gilbert-Mosley illegally spent public money by briefly hiring her daughter as a teacher in 2017.

The auditor’s office formally issued a “finding for recovery for public money illegally expended” in the amount of $713, noting that Gilbert-Mosley had already made restitution. City Day is a charter school in downtown Dayton.

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“It’s illegal for school administrators to hire immediate family members,” said Auditor Keith Faber. “The Auditor’s office will continue to work diligently to ensure schools and government entities remain in compliance with Ohio’s laws.”

The audit states that Gilbert-Mosley hired both her mother and daughter as substitute teachers at City Day, and her daughter worked in one pay period, while her mother never did.

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Gilbert-Mosley also attempted to hire her daughter as a permanent fourth grade teacher, with the school’s board approving the move on Oct. 19, 2017, according to the audit. But on Nov. 8, 2017, the board rescinded the contract pursuant to the advice of the school’s attorney.

In an October settlement agreement between Gilbert-Mosley and the Ohio Ethics Commission, Gilbert-Mosley admitted that she violated ethics laws by authorizing employment contracts with her daughter and mother. She accepted a public reprimand, agreed to pay back the $713 her daughter earned as a substitute teacher, and agreed to take part in ethics training.

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