Bicyclist killed while evading police was likely fleeing for a very specific reason, his stepmother says

The stepmother of a man struck and killed while he was fleeing Dayton police on a bicycle this week thinks he might have been evading officers because he was worried he would be incarcerated and miss the birth of his first child.

Michael D. Flynn, 23, of Dayton, died Wednesday after being struck by a Honda Pilot on Wayne Avenue. Officers suspecting him of being involved in drug transaction earlier that day and had tried to interview him.

After being hit on his left side by the SUV, Flynn was sent airborne, according to Dayton police Chief Richard Biehl. Flynn was taken to Miami Valley Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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“Scared,” said Flynn’s stepmother, Samantha Flynn. “He was being told he would be in jail and not see his first baby be born.

“Michael loved kids. He was a big kid himself … No one at any age wants to miss the birth of their child.”

Michael Flynn had a warrant for his arrest because he absconded from his intervention in lieu of conviction (ILC) in a fairly low-level felony methamphetamine possession case, according to court records.

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His stepmother said Flynn’s girlfriend is three months pregnant and that the death has devastated a large family that includes Flynn’s five brothers, two sisters, nieces, nephews, stepbrothers and stepsisters.

“He was a loving brother, son and stepson,” Samantha Flynn said. “This is a tragedy.”

Dash cam video released Friday by Dayton police shows Flynn riding his bicycle into oncoming traffic. Police tried to render aid after the collision.

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Flynn died from blunt force trauma to his head and neck, and his death was ruled an accident by the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office.

Asked why he was fleeing from officers when he hadn’t committed any serious offense, Samantha Flynn said Michael was stubborn and he was on his way to his mother’s house.

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Flynn had been granted ILC in December 2017 for the aggravated possession of drugs case. The ILC had conditions that included Flynn entering a drug treatment program and abstaining from illegal drugs.

A judge’s order said Flynn’s whereabouts had been unknown since Feb. 9.

Dayton police said Flynn was seen Wednesday during routine patrol possibly committing a drug transaction. But Flynn’s sister Paige Flynn said his brother did not have any drugs on him, nor does he use or sell them.

“My mom shouldn't be burying her baby at 23; these cops should have stopped chasing him after they saw him heading for a busy road and they didn't stop,” Paige Flynn said.

The spot where Flynn was struck near Anderson Street is just a few blocks from Flynn’s listed residence.

“I walked up here and saw the bike right there and saw what he was wearing and I lost it,” Flynn’s girlfriend Jennifer Tate said.

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An online fundraising campaign started Wednesday said Flynn was “loved by so many people” and was asking people for donations for his services.

Samantha Flynn said her son’s services have not been finalized.

“He made you smile even when you were not up to it,” she said, adding that he was full of life and had a unique spirit. “His death has left a hole in all his friends and family.”



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