Clayton native, now living near Hawaii volcano, working to help her community

A woman who lives within 3 miles of the Kilauea volcano eruption is a Clayton native living in Hawaii.

Dawn Wittenhagen lives near the summit of the Kilauea volcano that erupted early Thursday, according to News Center 7’s Sean Cudahy. She went to Northmont High School, also obtained part of her education at West Carrollton High School, and has family all over the Miami Valley. She currently attends community college in Hawaii studying hospitality.

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There have been mandatory evacuations, over 2,000 displaced families, and a third emergency shelter just opened.

“Some [people] are staying in their cars, some are staying on the beach, and they actually canceled all the schools in this area,” said Wittenhagen.

The eruption almost sounds like thunder, Wittenhagen said.

“We have cracks all over the road, and when you see a crack, they keep a close eye on it because that’s usually the start of a fissure,” said Wittenhagen. “It’s definitely a crazy time. I have one friend who actually lost her house in on the fissures.”

“I have one word: our community. Our community has come together just beautifully, which is one of the things I just love about this place,” said Wittenhagen. “I’m trying to help my community as much as I can, with getting donations with what is needed."

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