Coronavirus: Golf courses can operate as an outdoor recreational activity

Golf courses were not initially permitted to operate within the requirements of the stay-at-home order, but after some reconsideration and discussion with the Ohio Department of Health the local health department is allowing golf courses to operate as an outdoor recreational activity.

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The majority of the community is stuck inside as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but with warmer spring air moving in some will want to take on the fairways.

The Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health says golfing is permitted as long as it falls within the following guidelines:

  • The golf course is operating as an outdoor recreational activity and abiding by all of the Ohio Department of Health Director’s stay-at-home orders, social distancing and disinfecting requirements
    • Other businesses within golf courses such as restaurants, clubhouses, spas, driving ranges, putting and practice greens are not permitted
  • Golf courses must provide protective measures such as
    • Designate a 6-foot physical/social distance for both employees and customers
    • Provide readily available hand sanitizer and sanitation products for employees and customers
    • Disinfect golf carts after every use and ensure only one person is in the golf cart at a time
    • Golf clubs and any other equipment that belongs to the course and is used by a customers must be routinely disinfected after every use
    • Have the ability to communicate hours of operation online and remotely to the public

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