Dayton installs 1st of 5 fixed-site speed, red light cameras

The city of Dayton has installed two speed cameras at North Keowee Street between East Third and East Fifth streets, which is the first of five sites across the city to permanently get the photo enforcement technology.

Starting today, the city will issue warnings to motorists who are caught on camera speeding on Keowee Street.

In 30 days, speeders will no longer get warnings — they’ll receive fines. The city, using mobile speed cameras, have already issued more than 10,000 citations to motorists since Nov. 1.

“After the warning period, citations will be issued to the registered owner of a vehicle photographed violating the speed limit,” the city said in a release. “Every potential violation is reviewed by a Dayton Police Department officer, and a citation will only be issued if there is clear evidence of a violation.”

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The city is installing fixed cameras at five sites across the city. The other four installations will happen later this year, followed by 30-day warning periods.

Dayton police also use six handheld speed cameras to capture speeding violations, which they can deploy virtually anywhere in the city.

The department also has two mobile speed enforcement trailers that right now are parked on Riverside Drive and North James H. McGee Boulevard.

Police said the trailers have helped lead to a decrease in crashes on those roadways and has led to safer driving behaviors.

Police say the trailers will be moved to Stanley Avenue and Troy Street. They say trailer locations are based on crash data.

Dayton police have issued 10,181 citations since restarting its photo enforcement program in October.

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Dayton police provided data showing the number of warnings and citations issued since the city restarted its photo enforcement program.

Riverside Drive (near Knecht Avenue)


October 2017: 10,702


November 2017: 2,313

December 2017: 2,386

January 2018: 784

North James H. McGee Boulevard


October 2017: 8,521


November 2017: 2,416

December 2017: 1,476

January 2018: 806

are monthly totals of warning or violation notices issued from the trailer locations since the program began in October 2017

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