Dayton scam alert: Fake police detective asking for donations

A man believed to be in his late 40s has gone to multiple West Dayton businesses soliciting donations, allegedly for charity.

But it appears to be a scam.

The man identified himself as a police detective, but when asked for identification from an employee of a local business, he fled, a police report states.

On Tuesday, Dayton police were called to Huffie’s Bar-B-Que restaurant at 925 McArthur Ave. on a fraud complaint.

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An employee told police a man came into the business and identified himself as Detective Smith. The man said he was raising money for veterans on behalf of the police department.

The man said he already collected money from Papa John’s and Westside Supermarket, according to a police report.

The worker said he was “real smooth” and asked about the family who owns the business.

The employee said she donated $30 but then became suspicious when he started writing a “real dingy” looking receipt, the report says.

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She asked the man for identification. He assured her he had his ID in the car and would get it and return.

She asked him to return the money, but he said he would be right back.

The worker followed him outside and saw him take off running.

He was last spotted getting into a silver Audi with a dealer plate.

The employee described the suspect as white, in his late 40s, about 6 feet tall with light brown or dark blond hair. She said he weighed about 170 pounds and was wearing a brown leather jacket and gray slacks.

The employee said she spoke with workers at the Westside Market who indicated they chased him off.

Dayton police spoke with an employee of the Papa John’s on Germantown Street. She said she gave the man $20 with her store manager’s approval. The store manager said the man had come into the store the previous year and was given $20.

The employee said the man identified himself as a deputy and claimed he was collecting money for a group of charitable organizations.

She said the suspect was likely 45 to 50 and had orange-brown hair and blue eyes.

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