Sidney Fire Department conducts live-fire tests to improve efficiency, firefighter safety

The Sidney Fire Department has partnered with the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) for local live-fire experiments, according to a news release.

The experiments were conducted in four local houses donated by the Land Bank of Shelby County that were slated for demolition. Members from the Sidney and surrounding fire departments also participated in the experiments.

"This is an incredible opportunity for Sidney Fire, departments within the region and the citizens these departments serve," Chief Bradley Jones said. "To be able to partner with UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute, whose mission is to improve firefighter safety through research, will help strengthen foreground safety and modern foreground tactics with similar sized departments across America. You don't need to be a metro sized department to successfully utilize modern foreground tactics."

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The experiments will run through June 12, according to the release.

For the safety of local firefighters and the general public, members of the public are asked to keep their distance and stay clear of the work areas, which include homes on Wapakoneta Avenue.

“Firefighter health and safety is primary to the work that we do. We feel that if firefighters are as smart as they can possibly be, they will be safe, they will be effective, there will be less Line-of-Duty-Deaths, less injuries, and more lives saved around the world,” UL FSRi Director Steve Kerber said.

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