Humane society offers free microchips, tips for pet safety during Fourth of July

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton will be offering free microchips to keep pets safe during the Fourth of July.

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The Fourth of July can be a stressful and scary time for pets. The noise and flash of fireworks may cause them to run away or become lost in an attempt to hide.

Microchips, small chips that go under the skin, can be scanned to find your contact information if your lost pet arrives at a shelter or veterinarian’s office.

The humane society also offers several tips to keep your pet safe during the Independence Day holiday:

  • Avoid fireworks. Loud fireworks can scare pets making them more likely to run away or hide. Fireworks also can cause burns to your pet and may contain toxic substances if ingested.
  • Along with a microchip, make sure your pet has an ID collar that includes a phone number.
  • Watch what your pet is eating. Alcohol, grapes, chocolate, onions, avocados and raisins are all toxic.
  • Do not apply bug repellent or sunscreen to your pet unless the directions specifically say it is pet friendly.

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Beginning Tuesday, 100 free microchips will be available at the humane society’s main shelter, 1661 Nicholas Road, until they’re gone.

Microchips can be purchased throughout the year for $20.

For more about the humane society, call 937-268-7387 or visit its website.

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