Police identify latest woman murder victim in Chillicothe

A woman police say was murdered and then hung by her sleeve from a fence in a Chillicothe neighborhood has been identified as 31-year-old Rebecca Cade.

Police at a news conference Wednesday said the cause of death was multiple blunt force trauma injuries to the head and neck.

Police said the suspect, who remains in jail on a $1 million bond, is Donnie Cochenour, 27, who was arrested and indicted following a tip to police.

As of yet, police say they have not linked Cochenour to any deaths or disappearances of other women in Chillicothe. Since last year, four other women have been found dead and two have disappeared. Police have linked those women because they ran in the same circle and were involved in both heroin abuse and prostitution.

The body was found at the dead end of North Brownell Street. It was discovered dangling by a sleeve from the top of a fence. Fencing contractors in the area saw it, initially thinking the body was a Halloween decoration. Items of clothing were found yards away from the body.