City manager job: Ex-NFL player, homeless director among applicants

A job posting for the Moraine city manager’s position drew 44 applicants from more than 10 states, including interest from administrators working in more than a handful of area communities.

While it attracted current or former administrators from Centerville, Fairborn, Moraine, Riverside and Washington Twp., several other candidates with various work histories not ordinarily associated with the job also applied.

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According to applicants’ resumes, they include:

• Gregory Carver, a highway technician with the Ohio Department of Transportation;

• James Goffe, grant evaluator with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office;

• William Healy, a former Florida state representative;

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• Jeremy Shaffer, a U.S. Air Force National Guard member and retail store manager who formerly served as Highland County Commissioner;

• Patrick Ross, former NFL player and a member of Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl XLIII team;

• Michael Strauch, a former U.S. military police officer;

• Tom Waniewski, director of external affairs of a homeless shelter.

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