College seniors are poorly prepared for job hunt

The class of 2017 may be confident in their job-searching skills but a new report show that prospective employers think the soon-to-be grads can do better.

Around 96 percent of men and 88 percent of women believe they have good interview skills, according to a survey conducted by iCIMS, an online resource for hiring insights and trends. The company surveyed 401 college seniors and 401 human resources professionals.

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But, employers surveyed said 62 percent of 2017 grads need to become more familiar with the companies they are applying to work at and 60 percent need to ask better questions in interviews.

Around 32 percent of 2017 grads who apply for jobs are unqualified for the positions they are seeking, according to the survey.

The survey also found that 55 percent of recent grads do not dress appropriately for interviews and 74 percent do not send a thank-you not after an interview.

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Below are the highlights from the report:

32 percent are unqualified for the jobs they're applying for.

62 percent need to become more familiar with the companies they are applying at.

59 percent need to improve their body language and posture in interviews.

57 percent need to speak more clearly about their past experiences.

55 percent need to dress more appropriately for interviews.

53 percent need to be more positive and better avoid being negative about past jobs.

74 percent do not send a thank-you note after interviewing for a job.


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