4th teen held after hearing in Warren County murder-robbery case

Logan Dean, the fourth person charged in the fatal shooting outside Lebanon on Dec. 13, will remain in detention, despite a request to release him to simplify his medical treatment.

Dean, 16, of Washington Twp., Montgomery County, was wounded in the alleged botched robbery that left one of five teens involved dead and resulted in the other four facing murder and robbery charges.

Dean, who had been undergoing treatment at Miami Valley Hospital, was taken into detention Saturday and appeared in court for the first time Monday to determine whether he should be held, like the other three charged in the case, pending further hearings.

During Monday’s hearing, Juvenile Court.Judge Joe Kirby declined the request from Dean’s lawyer, John Kaspar, to release the injured boy to his grandmother.

“It would be easier for all involved,” Kaspar said.

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In response to Kirby’s questions about whether Dean was getting good medical treatment from staff in the detention center in Lebanon, Dean said, “As well as they can.”

Still, Kirby agreed with Assistant County Prosecutor Julie Kraft that Dean should remain in detention, along with the other juveniles charged.

Along with Dean, those facing aggravated robbery and murder charges are Dakota Cox, 18; Kayla Carmack, 17; and Jacob Hicks, 16.

Investigators allege they along with Mason Trudics, 18, of Centerville, attempted a robbery that ended with Trudics dead and Dean critically wounded. The target of the attempted robbery fired shots at those involved, investigators have said, and is not charged.

Dean, Cox and Hicks live in the Centerville school district and in Washington Twp., an unincorporated area of Montgomery County outside Centerville.

Carmack lives at the Oregonia Road residence where authorities were called when Carmack’s mother dialed 911 for help in dealing with Dean pleading for help and Trudics fatally wounded outside the Carmack home.

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Much about the case remains unclear, including the motive for the alleged robbery.

According to their lawyers, Hicks and Cox weren’t there when the shooting occurred. It was unclear if this would be presented to prevent the transfers.

What brought Trudics, Carmack, Dean, Hicks and Cox together also remains unclear.

Hicks and Cox were students in Centerville district.

Trudics and Carmack attended Warren County Career Center.

Dean attended a program outside the school, according to Centerville school officials.

Authorities have not responded to questions about the case, since the arrests. Citing continuing investigation, the sheriff’s office report has been withheld. No search warrant documents were available for review on Monday.

As he did during detention hearings for Carmack and Hicks, Kirby explained on Monday to Dean how the case would likely be transferred to adult court.

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Prosecutors must only prove the juveniles are at least 16 years old, there is probable cause to believe they committed the alleged crimes and the crimes are first-degree felonies, the judge said.

The three juveniles are all over 16, and murder and robbery are high felonies. All that remains is to establish probable cause that they committed the crimes.

“If they are able to do this, mandatory transfer shall occur,” Kirby said.

Dean indicated he didn’t understand. Kaspar said he would further explain the law to the boy.

On Jan. 15, Kirby is scheduled to decide if Dean’s case should be transferred to common pleas court so he can be tried as an adult.

The probable cause-transfer hearing for Carmack is set for Jan. 13, for Hicks on Jan. 17.

Cox’s case, filed in Lebanon Municipal Court, has been bound over for grand jury review. It was not among indictments listed on Monday by the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office.

Judge Robert Peeler has been assigned to Cox’s case. Cox remained in the county jail in lieu of $1 milion bond.

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