Pit bull that killed dachshund has been euthanized, foster family learns in court

UPDATE @ 12:15 p.m. (June 13): The 3-year-old pit bull that killed a dachshund last month has been euthanized, the animal's foster family learned in Kettering Municipal Court this morning.

"They killed her. They told me that they euthanized her last week, but nobody bothered to tell us and I don't think that's fair," Robin Pack, foster mom of Stormy, told News Center 7’s Sean Cudahy.

"The whole thing could have been avoided" if her [the other owner's] dog had been on a leash, Pack said.

Pack's daughter, Jenna, was walking Stormy that day. She said she took the dog on a route she had taken lots of times before. Stormy was on a leash; the smaller dog was not and approached the pit bull.

Jenna said Stormy handled the situation naturally.

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"I think it was wrong that they put her down," Jenna said. "At first, I think maybe it was a good idea because she did something wrong. But then I realized she didn't do anything wrong."

Prosecutors agreed to drop citations against Pack for "dog at large" and "no dog registration."

Prosecutors then said, in court, that Pack's appeal of the pit bull's designation as a "dangerous dog" was not moot.

The judge told Pack that the decision to euthanize the animal was not cleared with her because she was only fostering the dog, and the Cincinnati SPCA had the right to approve putting down the dog.


An animal welfare organization joined the fight to save a Washington Twp. dog’s life, and vindicate its foster mom whose trial starts Wednesday morning.

The Animal Justice League of America rallied this afternoon at Bark Park, 6794 Webster St., next to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.

ARC has custody of Stormy, a 3-year-old pit pull that will be euthanized after a chance encounter last month with a dachshund named Cooper left the smaller dog dead.

Robin Pack, Stormy's foster mother, was cited for no dog registration and dog at large, both minor misdemeanors. Her trial is 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in Kettering Municipal Court, 2325 Wilmington Pike.

The Animal Justice League plans to rally again in front of the court to show support for Stormy and Pack.

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Stormy was walking on a leash, held by a 16-year-old, on May 14 when Cooper’s owner let the smaller dog loose outside in the common area behind townhomes on Windsor Park Drive in Washington Twp. Cooper moved close to Stormy, when the larger dog lunged and grabbed the smaller dog by the throat and shook until he went limp, according to a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office report.

Pack and Cooper’s owner were cited.

Pack previously said Stormy wasn’t licensed yet because she was in the process of adopting the pit bull, which came from the SPCA in Cincinnati.

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