Auditor: Former Union City fire chief, firefighters overpaid selves $75,000

Former Union City fire chief Pamela Idle and EMT/firefighters Craig Idle and Brian Stump overpaid themselves $75,835, according to a 2018 audit report filed by Auditor of State Keith Faber.

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Pamela is accused of falsifying her bi-weekly payroll sheets from January 2010 to August 2016 to include EMS runs, short transports and long transports that either did not happen or did not have EMS billing records.

Her husband, Craig, also falsified his bi-weekly payroll sheets during the same time period, according to the auditor’s office. Pamela approved his timesheets, which included EMS run and transports that either did not have any documentation or did not happen.

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As a result, Pamela was overpaid $31,305 and Craig $33,240.

Stump is also accused of falsifying his weekly timesheets during that period to include runs that either did not happen or did not have documentation. He was overpaid $11,290.

In all three cases, there were no documents that indicated the Village of Union City was aware of the falsified sheets or that they approved of the overpayment.

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“Ohio's first responders exemplify the best in each of us, putting the well-being of those in need above their own well-being on a daily basis," Auditor Faber said. "When someone undermines their reputation and the respect they have earned through sacrifice, we will pursue those individuals to ensure they pay for the damage caused by their selfish acts."

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