Brothers accused of stomping cat to death

A drunken brawl in an apartment building hallway ended in the death of a woman’s cat and arrests of the two men police say are responsible.

Stanjuan Tillman, Jr., 18, and Deandre Jackson, 25, were booked into the Montgomery County Jail late Sunday after police say they assaulted a man in the hallway of 1632 N. James H. McGee Blvd., stomped a woman’s cat to death, and urinated on the animal’s body.

The incident occurred at about 9 p.m. Sunday after the men had reportedly been drinking all day in the building where their mother lives.

A woman reported to police that the brothers were drunk and pounding on various apartment doors. They were reportedly looking for a third man who lives in the building.

When that third individual arrived the two men assaulted him in the hallway, according to a Dayton Police report.

The woman witnessed the assault and pulled the male victim into her apartment to safety. She told police that her cat ran into the hallway as she was yelling at the men to be quiet.

She said after the men fled upstairs she discovered her cat dead in the hallway.

When police arrived, a second fight broke out between the same three men in the parking lot. This time witnesses said the victim from the first assault initiated the fight.

Officers had to pull Tillman off of that man and detained him and Jackson in police cruisers.

According to the report, police observed a bloody footprint in the hallway outside of Tillman and Jackson’s mother’s apartment. She told police that they do not live there and she said she refused to let them in when she heard the commotion in the hallway, according to the report.

Tillman’s shoes had blood on them and were collected as evidence.

Both men face possible charges of assault and aggravated trespassing. Tillman is also facing a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals. Jackson is also facing a possible charge of public indecency.

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