Butler County Sheriff working to release non-violent offenders to reduce jail population

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said his department is working with courts to release non-violent offenders from the Butler County Jail due to coronavirus concerns.

“We are reducing our jail population, releasing non-violent offenders, we are keeping misdemeanors as much as we can out of the jail. Working with the courts to get some people out of jail early,” Jones said during a Facebook Live.

He also sent a warning to people stockpiling cleaning items and staples to resell online.

“Don’t be coming into this county and taking things we need,” he said.

Jones said the dispatchers and deputies are very busy. He urged people to call 911 sparingly and noted some reports may be taken by officers over the phone.

“Your county is very safe and secure,” he said, urging people to spend time with their families and relax.

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