Dad of suspect in deadly police cruiser crash: Son has mental problems

The father of the suspect in Monday’s fatal crash involving a stolen police cruiser said his son seemed to have a mental breakdown before going on a violent crime spree.

Lloyd Walters said his 32-year-old son, Raymond Walters, did not seem to know who he was when he stabbed his father 14 or more times and stole his pickup truck.

Lloyd Walters said he was planning to drive his son to a hospital for treatment when his son flew into a violent rage.

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Raymond Walters is accused of stabbing his dad, stealing and crashing his truck, stealing a Riverside police cruiser, ramming another cop car and then crashing into two vehicles in front of the Dayton Metro Library, killing two children. The sequence of events lasted about 15 minutes.

Lloyd Walters said he feels terrible for the families of the 6-year-old girls who were killed and the other survivors. He said his son loved kids and will have a hard time living with himself knowing he attacked his father and that his actions led to the death of children.

“My heart goes out to them,” said Lloyd Walters, 60, who lives on Boltin Street in east Dayton. “I’m very sorry that happened … I’d give my life for them, if I could.”

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On Thursday, Lloyd Walters talked to this news organization for the first time about his son and what transpired Monday night.

Walters, who was in the hospital overnight Monday, said his son has not been himself since returning from state prison less than three weeks ago.

Raymond Walters had mental problems and was acting paranoid and seemed to look for his mother at their Boltin Street home, even though she died in June, his father said.

Raymond Walters’ mother died of cancer and his girlfriend died in April from a medical condition, according to family friends.

Child protective services took custody of Raymond Walters’ two daughters last week, his father said.

“He wasn’t the same,” Lloyd Walters said. “He just started acting different.”

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On Monday evening, Lloyd Walters got a call from his daughter, who was worried about her brother.

Lloyd Walters picked up his son in his truck with plans to take him to Miami Valley Hospital.



When Raymond Walters found out their intended destination, he threatened to kill his father.

He took a knife and stabbed his father in the face, arm, chest and head, his father said.

Lloyd Walters said his son never would do this if he were in his right mind.

Raymond Walters seemed to be convinced someone was coming after him, like the drug cartel, his father said.

Raymond Walters took the truck, crashed it on Airway Road in Riverside, stole the SUV police cruiser of the responding Riverside officer and then rammed another police car that was in pursuit, police say.

He drove the police cruiser west on East Third Street at speeds reaching 101 mph. He ran a red light, collided with an Acura SUV while traveling at 97 mph and hit an Honda Odyssey minivan, police said.

There were three adults in the Acura and one adult and seven children in the Odyssey.

Cousins Penelope Jasko of Dayton and Eleanor McBride of Huber Heights, both 6, were killed.

Lloyd Walters said his family and friends called his son’s parole officer multiple times about his paranoid behavior and violent threats.

But he claims the parole officer said, “We can’t lock him up if he ain’t out there robbing or hurting nobody.”

Lloyd Walters said his daughter told the official that her brother likely was using drugs, but no action was taken.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Wednesday ordered an investigation regarding the Adult Parole Authority’s interactions with Raymond Walters.

Lloyd Walters also said he tried to take his son to a residential care facility for drug addiction last week but they did not have a bed open. He said they were instructed to return Wednesday.

Raymond Walters has a lengthy criminal history. Since 2008, he has been convicted for four felonies and more than 27 misdemeanor offenses as an adult, including robbery, assault, drug possession and domestic violence, according to court records.

He only completed eighth grade, never had a real job and his only income was from Social Security, court documents state.

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