Domestic violence charge against Hamilton councilman to be dismissed if classes completed

A Hamilton City Council member charged with misdemeanor domestic violence with have the charge dismissed if he completes counseling ordered by the court.

Matthew Von Stein, 41, of Glenway Drive, was in Hamilton Municipal Court on Thursday for a final hearing before his trial, which was scheduled for Monday.

After Von Stein’s attorney, Matthew Fritsch, and Special Prosecutor Dan Haughey met with Visiting Judge William Wolff, the agreement was announced.

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Von Stein agreed to undergo an assessment by Community Behavioral Health and complete anger management classes in exchange for the first-degree misdemeanor being dismissed, at the request of his wife, Nicole.

A court date has been set for March 28 to ensure the requirements are completed. The Judge lifted the temporary restraining order in place since the incident in September but warned the couple about any further problems while the case was still pending.

Wolff said if Von Stein did not complete the requirements, the charge would not be dismissed.

Nicole Von Stein also told the judge she had completed a victim awareness course as ordered by the court.

“On or about Sept. 25, Matthew Von Stein punched his wife, Nicole Von Stein in the face striking her nose. The victim had a red mark on her nose,” according to the complaint filed by police.

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On the arrest warrant, it states, “Victim advised that she and the suspect got into an argument, the suspect got in his car to leave. The victim advised she went to stop him and the suspect punched her in the face, striking her nose.”

Von Stein, a Democrat, was elected as a first-time candidate to a four-year term in November 2015.

All sides declined comment after the hearing.

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