Escaped teen who made threats on Facebook in custody in Middletown

A 16-year-old boy who police say was posting threats to go on a “murder spree” was taken into custody without incident Wednesday night, according to Middletown Police Lt. Scott Reeve.

The teen was on a two-day home pass from Butler County Juvenile Rehabilitation Center for Christmas, but ran away, failing to return to the Hamilton facility on Tuesday, according Reeve and Rob Clevenger, juvenile court administrator.

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During that time, the boy posted a photo on social media with a gun.

The teen sent a threat to a Cincinnati television station and to Middletown police.

“His last message said ‘put me on the news (expletive). I am going on a murder spree,’” Reeve said.

Officers found the teen at a Hill Avenue residence about 7:25 p.m. after receiving a tip. He was taken into custody and charged with inducing panic. He did not have any guns when arrested, Reeve said.

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The teen is back in JDC after being arraigned today before Magistrate Patricia Wilkerson. An additional charge of escape will also be filed against the teen.

Clevenger said the teen has been in different levels of the juvenile justice system for most of the year after a probation violation on a domestic violence charge plus other violations during the year. He had completed a rehabilitation program and was scheduled to be released on Jan. 19.

The police last had contact with the teen a couple months ago when he was charged with inducing panic after mentioning someone had a gun at Middetown High School. That proved to be false.

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