Fitted with GPS device, man facing 101 counts of child pornography released from jail

A Madison Twp. man facing 101 felony counts involving child pornography had his $500,000 bond posted Monday and was released from the Butler County Jail on Thursday after being fitted with a GPS monitor.

Trevor Fraley, 24, of Dickey Road, was indicted Nov. 22 by a Butler County grand jury on multiple counts each of pandering sexually oriented matter involving a child and illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance.

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He pleaded not guilty to all charges on Nov. 26 and was held without bond until the ruling last week by Judge Michael Oster set bond at $500,000. Fraley is scheduled to be back in court for a hearing on Jan. 6.

At the time, Oster said if Fraley makes bond, he must wear a GPS monitor, have no contact with any children including his own, have no internet access by any means and report twice per week to pre-trial services.

The GPS compliance is monitored by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, and Deputy Chief Anthony Dwyer said it takes several hours of work before a person is released. That delayed the release of Fraley until after the Christmas holiday. County offices were closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

In a motion requesting bond for Fraley, defense attorney Chris Pagan wrote that is client is “moored” to the area by children services cases involving his three children, ages 5, 3 and 1. His sister, who lives in southern Montgomery County, has temporary custody of of his children.

Pagan said Fraley’s father owns and manages a successful Butler County business and Fraley voluntarily turned himself into detectives when new charges were brought by the sheriff’s office. The attorney also pointed out Fraley has no prior felony record and his family has retained an attorney.

“These facts show that Fraley is tied to the area by family, work, financial commitments and is therefore unlikely to flee,” Pagan said in the motion. Pagan did not address Fraley’s release from jail.

Prosecutors requested a high bond, noting he faces more than 300 years in prison if found guilty.

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A computer believed to belong to Fraley contained “a very large amount of child pornography - over 1200 videos depicting children engaged in sexual activity, much of which has been duplicated by defendant’s backing up the videos from his phone to his computer. The most recent unidentified backup occurred on Oct. 29,” Assistant Butler County Prosecutor Kelly Heile wrote in the motion.

The motion also says some of the images allegedly traced to Fraley’s digital payment service include sex acts involving toddler-aged children. One of the images may have been taken at a previous residence shared by a witness and Fraley, according to Heile.

“Although the defendant is not alleged to have used a weapon in the commission of the offense, this makes him no less dangerous to vulnerable children both on those which he would perpetrate and those whose victimization is intensified by his downloading, saving and sharing the recording of their terrible abuse …,” she continued.

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