Florida teen steals deputy’s uniform, cruiser to ‘impress girlfriend’


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A teen in Central Florida landed himself in jail on Sunday after going extra lengths to woo his girlfriend, deputies said.

Isael Ibrain Lima, 18, allegedly stole a Marion County deputy's uniform and cruiser on Saturday and then conducted a traffic stop to "impress his girlfriend," WKMG reports.

The Sheriff’s Office said Lima lives with his uncle, who works as a MCSO deputy, and broke into his bedroom while he was out of town. The deputy, Yoandy Miranda, reported the burglary when he noticed someone entered his locked bedroom and his patrol car, WKMG reports.

Police in Belleview said they responded to a disturbance at a convenience store on Saturday and talked with Lima, who identified himself an as off-duty MSCO deputy, using his uncle’s name.

Deputies said at the convenience store that Lima also introduced himself to the MSCO sergeant as Deputy Miranda, but since the sergeant was not familiar with the name, he did not know Lima was impersonating him, WKMG reports.

It was not until Miranda reported the burglary that the MSCO sergeant knew about the impersonation.

Detectives said Lima admitted to breaking into his uncle’s room and said he put on the uniform and initially drove to his girlfriend’s house “because he wanted to impress her,” WKMG reports.

He also admitted to detectives that he picked up one of his friends in the patrol car and recorded a video while conducting a traffic stop, deputies said.

Deputies arrested Lima on charges of a slew of charges, which include grand theft of a motor vehicle, theft of law enforcement equipment from an emergency vehicle, burglary of a conveyance, armed burglary of a dwelling, impersonating a law enforcement officer and giving a false name to a law enforcement officer.

He remains at the Marion County Jail on a $33,000 bond, WKMG reports.

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