Garage fire that collapsed roof under investigation for possible arson

A burned garage is under investigation for possible arson after it caught fire Monday evening in the 500 block of Leo Street in Dayton.

According to dispatch records, the fire was originally reported about 10:10 p.m. by someone calling from the Taco Bell nearby on North Keowee Street.

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The caller told operators that they could see black smoke and flames that were growing even larger as they spoke.

Fire crews responded to the scene, where they were told that people lived in the structure.

Dayton firefighters took a defensive approach to the fire, spraying water on the flames from outside the structure.

Once the fire was out, firefighters conducted two searches that turned up no victims. However, part of the garage still has not been searched because the roof collapsed.

Investigators towed a vehicle from the garage as part of the investigation.

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