Group seeking to get ‘community guns’ off Hamilton streets on Saturday

The non-profit organization Street Rescue Inc. is having its next Community Gun Turn-In on Saturday in Hamilton from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Truth & Life Community Church, 220 S. Third St.

“Community guns” are the ones that gangs or other groups of people stash under benches, in mailboxes or other places so they can be available to them when needed, but so the people aren’t caught by police while carrying weapons. Crime opponents say they are dangerous for a few reasons, including use by the gangs themselves, but also if they are found by children.

“If you know where a community gun is hidden, please bring it in,” said Street Rescue founder, Charles Tassell. “Street Rescue accepts all weapons and ammunition — no questions asked.”

He and other Street Rescue participants promise they keep no records of who turned in the weapons, so they not only won’t tell police where the weapons came from, but can’t, because they don’t know who turned them in. Their only goal is to remove the weapons from the community.

Street Rescue is not anti-gun, but merely against those that criminals intend to use, Tassell has said.

“A gift card will be given as a form of appreciation for helping to clean up and make our community safer,” Tassell said.

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