Juvenile allegedly vandalizes Dayton gas station after altercation with manager

An employee at a Marathon gas station says she witnessed a juvenile vandalize the store after an altercation with the store’s manager Tuesday evening.

According to a Dayton police report, the employee said a black juvenile male entered the store located on 1845 N. Main Street and proceeded to the back where they keep speakers.

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The employee told police the store’s manager was on his way out, but spoke to the male and told him to “stop.”

The juvenile took off running, then several minutes later the manager came back into the store with the juvenile.

According to the employee, the manager and juvenile were standing next to the glass pane counters to the left of the entrance. The employee stated the manager had a hold of the juvenile when out of nowhere the juvenile kicked a section of the glass.
After the manager told him to stop kicking the glass, the juvenile kicked the same area again and the glass shattered, the employee told police.

According to the police report, the manager let the juvenile go after the glass shattered. He then fled north on Main St.

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The report states the call comments indicated a “12-year-old black male stole something from the store, employee chased the kid down, kid started kicking employee and employee drug the kid back into the store by the neck.” The police report does not say whether or not the employee who witnessed the event confirmed those details.

Other call comments in the report state the juvenile was wearing a purple polo and khakis and fled on a black Huffy bicycle with orange trim.

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