Kettering shooting victim’s mother calls son a ‘hero’

The mother of a Fairmont High School teenager who died after a weekend Kettering shooting called her son a hero.

“Ronnie baby, you are a hero,” Jessica Combs said of Ronnie Bowers on Thursday in addressing questions for the first time since his death on Tuesday. “Ronnie you were my first true love.”

Combs said the suspects in the shooting will eventually have to face her.

“One day soon all of those involved will have to look at me in my eyes,” she said. “They will have to hear what I have to say to them.”

The 16-year-old died after being shot in the back of the head Sunday night attempting to flee a dispute that flared up at AlterFest shortly before.

“I hope justice is served,” Combs said.

His mother said Bowers was a wonderful son and always did well in school.

Bowers had just received his driver’s license a few weeks ago and had just finished orientation for his first job.

Bowers was an organ donor, and there have already been recipients located for some of his organs, his mother said.

“I would love to meet the recipients of all of them,” Combs said, specifically wanting to meet the recipients who receive his heart and his eyes. “I love that his heart will continue to at least beat and save the life of someone.”

Three Kettering students – juveniles ages 14, 16 and 16 – are being detained by Montgomery County Juvenile Court after facing felonious assault charges Tuesday.

A fourth suspect, 18-year-old Miles Heizer, was released from the Kettering jail Tuesday pending further investigation. He was booked in the jail early Monday morning on a felonious assault charge.

As a result of Bowers’ death, authorities expect elevate the felonious charges. Additional charges may come as well, police said.

On Thursday, Combs described her son as a “mama’s boy” who was “always so giving, so caring, so respectful of everyone.

“Even from the time he was born, he was a wonderful baby,” she said. “He was an easy baby to take care of.”

Combs described her oldest son as a gentleman, “Always opening my doors and taking out my dinner plate for me and doing everything for me.

“I would like people to know – no matter what age, it’s OK to be a mama’s boy,” she said.

A memorial will be held tentatively on Sunday at Kettering Fairmont High School.

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