Ex-lawmaker Pete Beck’s criminal appeal set for August

The hearing for former state lawmaker Pete Beck’s criminal appeal is set for the end of August.

Attorneys for Beck and the state are set to report to the First District Court of Appeals in downtown Cincinnati at 8:50 a.m. for the 9 a.m. appeals hearing set for Aug. 30.

Beck, 63, was found guilty in June 2015 on 13 criminal counts for a role state investigators say he played where investors lost millions of dollars when they invested in TML Consulting, and the tech start-up firm Christopher Technologies.

During Beck’s trial and in the charges filed by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Beck was tapped as a key player in the failure of Christopher Technologies, which used TML owner Tom Lysaght as a fundraiser for the company. The prosecution claimed it was Beck with the late Lysaght who swindled investors out of money.

The charges against Beck fluctuated as the criminal investigation and the trial proceeded. He was initially charged with 16 counts in July 2013, then those charges ballooned to 69 counts in a February 2014 superseding indictment. They were reduced eventually to 38 counts in the waning weeks of 10-week trial last summer.

Beck was convicted on three securities-related counts, three theft counts and seven perjury counts, and filed in September 2015 to appeal his conviction and four-year prison sentence. He remains in the Southeastern Correctional Institution.

A civil suit was filed in January 2013, but it was stayed until the completion of Beck's criminal trial. An apparent settlement was reached in that suit but a confidentiality agreement in the case's resolution prevents parties from discussing. The attorney for the plaintiffs, J. Thomas Hodges, has said it's been "resolved and dismissed" as of the end of May.

Hodges is now working with the Ohio House Republican Organizational Caucus to retrieve $15,000 in donations to Beck's political campaign committee from TML Consulting.