3-legged dog’s story leads to proposed law change in West Carrollton

A West Carrollton family whose dog was nearly mauled to death by a neighbor’s two dogs took their story to city leaders, who now revamping the dangerous dog ordinance.

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News Center 7’s Monica Castro has more about the proposed law, and the family behind the changes.

The Helms family didn’t think their little dog Tobie would be recovering so well. In August, he was attacked in his own yard, and had to have one of his legs amputated.

“He’s learning how to get around on three legs,” Paula Helms said.

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The August attack wasn’t the first time he was bitten by the same dogs. The Helms family filed a report on the first incident in April 2018.

Since August, Paula Helms has advocated changes in the city law when dogs attack other dogs.

“She let them know she was not satisfied with the situation,” West Carrollton Police Chief Doug Woodard said of Helms.

Now, a dog has to kill another dog to be declared a dangerous dog. But the new law also would cover dogs that seriously injure or injure another dog. Owners involved would go to court, and a judge would decide whether the dog is dangerous, vicious or a nuisance.

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If it’s deemed dangerous, the county auditor issues a certificate, but the dog owner has to provide liability insurance and proof of insurance before getting the certificate. The family also would have to get a special dog tag and follow restrictions.

Helms, who attended the Tuesday night city council meeting, approves of changes to the ordinance.

“I think it’s awesome they’re making the change to protect the community,” she said.

As for her case, the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center has filed dangerous dog paperwork but the owners of the dogs have appealed.

The decision will be left up to a judge.

The proposed ordinance change is not a done deal yet. There’s still a second and third reading before they can vote on it and put it into law.

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