Logan County man accused of stealing $30K from Cedarville University

Andrew Davis, 30, of West Liberty, was arrested Tuesday on charges of safe cracking, grand theft and breaking and entering. He was arrested in Indiana and officers brought Davis back to the Greene County Jail Thursday, Cedarville Police Chief Chris Gillaugh said.

Police and Ohio’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations looked through Cedarville’s security camera footage after they learned the treasure’s office was robbed Aug. 9, Gillaugh said.

Police saw a man Gillaugh personally recognized as Davis walk into a bathroom in an administrative building on campus. Gillaugh said the man then waited for the building to close for the day and then came out of the bathroom wearing a mask and different clothes.

Officers recognized the suspect by his shoelaces and hat.

After leaving the bathroom, Davis allegedly broke through two doors and into a safe holding $30,000, Gillaugh said.

“It’s rare; we typically don’t have that much money year round,” Cedarville University spokesman Mark Weinstein said. “We do a great job of making deposits on a nightly basis. Getting started, paying for the first semester of the school year, that is why there was an influx of that amount of cash on hand.”

Gillaugh said this is not the first time he believes Davis broke into the school and stole money. Last December, someone with a master key broke into the cafeteria at night and stole money. And the cafeteria was robbed Aug. 2.

The total amount of those two robberies was around $1,100, Weinstein said.

Davis previously worked for Pioneer College Caterers, a catering service that works with Christian colleges nationwide, according to its website. Weinstein said the suspect was one of the few people on campus that had access to a master key.

The university changed the locks after the second break-in, Gillaugh said.

After officers confirmed Saturday’s burglary, a search warrant was executed at Davis’ home in West Liberty Tuesday, and about $20,000 was located and seized from his vehicle.

Gillaugh said they also found receipts for some recently purchased items, including a truck.

Davis had not taken delivery on the truck. Gillaugh said he is hoping that money can be returned to the university.