Man cuts off ankle monitor, doesn’t show up for Greene County trial

Fairborn police are seeking help in locating a man convicted on several felony drug charges.

Willie Russell was on trial this week in Greene County Common Pleas Court for various drug charges. He didn’t show up on the third day of the trial, Wednesday, and has not been seen since, Fairborn police said.

Russell had posted bond before the trial, so he was not in jail when it began.

He was on electronic monitoring, but cut off his ankle monitor before his trial resumed on Wednesday.

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His trial continued, and Russell was found guilty of multiple counts of trafficking and possession of drugs. The judge sentenced him to 23 years in prison.

Russell was last seen with short hair and a beard that was dyed red, according to a release from the Greene County prosecutor. He has been known to dye his beard different colors, the release added.

Russell’s last-known address was in Yellow Springs.

The Greene County Prosecutor’s Office and Fairborn police are asking the public to contact Fairborn police at (937) 754-3000.

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