Huber Heights teen says man lying under her seat tried to touch her at theater

Man said to be under seat at Rave Cinemas is ID'd

According to Huber Heights police, Aaron Kastein, 34, was arrested Thursday on a misdemeanor charge of sexual imposition.

Kastein has since posted bond, according to Montgomery County online jail records.

FIRST REPORT (Sept. 10): An incident Tuesday night at the Rave Cinemas, involving a man found lying on the floor under a woman's seat, has police on alert.

A 19-year-old movie patron, who asked not to be identified by name, was startled by the man, dressed in all black, who was on the floor between the back wall of the theater and her seat.

She said she heard shuffling noises, but thought nothing of it.

That changed when her aunt used the flashlight app on her cell phone and exposed the man on the floor.

"And he jumps up, and he's like 'don't freak out,' he was like 'I'm just looking for my phone,' " the young woman told News Center 7's Natalie Jovonovich on Wednesday.

"Half his body was under the seat ... he like reached up and like half his body was laying sideways between the wall and the seat," the young woman said.

She said her purse was open and on the floor nearby, but nothing appeared to be missing.

Her aunt chased the man, who escaped through the east side exit of the building on Waynetowne Boulevard.

Huber Heights Lt. Matt Dulaney said police asked management at the cinemas and the Days Inn next door for surveillance video. Neither business had any useful video, police said.

"We don't have anywhere to begin looking other than a description at this point," Dulaney said. "Our opinion is that he's probably up to something, we just don't know what."

The man is described as being 6 feet tall and looked to be 27 to 30 years old.

Dulaney said police have had no similar reports of incident such as the one that occurred at the cinemas.