Man who shot himself in Austin Landing HomeGoods had gun improperly holstered

UPDATE @ 6:15 p.m. (May 29): The Xenia man in his 60s who shot himself while in the restroom at the Austin Landing HomeGoods store was using a holster not regulated for the gun he was carrying, a spokeswoman with Austin Landing said.

The holster was filled with some type of paper to make the gun fit, the spokeswoman, Cheryl Dillin, told News Center 7’s Malik Perkins on Tuesday.

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The man, who is expected to be OK, did not break any laws by carrying the gun into the store, she said. Ohio’s CCW laws allow anyone with a permit to carry into a store unless there is a posting in the store prohibiting weapons be brought inside -- concealed or not.

Dillin said whoever is in control of the retail establishment decides if people are allowed to carry in a concealed weapon.

There was nothing posted at the HomeGoods, she said, so it was legal for the man to bring a concealed weapon into the store.


A Xenia man in his 60s accidentally discharged his handgun, striking himself in the groin Monday evening inside the Austin Landing HomeGoods store.

The man was a customer who was in the restroom when it happened, Miami Twp. police officer James Swearingen said. No one else was around, and the CCW permit holder was taken with injuries that were not life-threatening to Kettering Medical Center.

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“We are investigating this as an accidental discharge and at this time we are not pursuing any criminal charges,” Swearingen said.

The store did not close following the incident, but the restroom area was closed off, Swearingen said.

The man was assisted by people at the store before police and medics arrived.

The store is located at 10749 Innovation Drive at Austin Landing.

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