Middletown man arrested after alleged burglary spree

A Middletown man has been arrested for allegedly committing three burglaries last month in the city.

Kevin Todd Pergram, 43, of 4000 Tytus Ave., was charged today with three counts of burglary, all second-degree felonies, according to Middletown police.

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Police say Pergram knocked on a door at a Locust Lane house on March 24, and when no one answered, he went to the back and broke in. Once he was inside the house, an 11-year-old girl was awakened and surprised by his presence. When Pergram saw her, he fled, police said.

On March 13, a homeowner reported a burglary to police on Bellemonte Street. The homeowner had not reported a previous burglary that occurred two days before, but when the person returned, the homeowner followed the person and got the license number of the vehicle he got into. The description matched the burglary on Locust Lane, police said.

Police say Pergram confessed to the burglary on Locust Lane and the two burglaries on Bellemonte Street.

“We want to ensure our citizens that we are investigating crimes and making arrests during this difficult time in our country. Our goal as always is to maintain the peace, safety and security of the citizens we serve. We also thank the brave homeowner on Bellemonte Street that got the license plate number that helped solve these crimes,” said Major Scott Reeve.

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Pergram is housed in the Middletown City Jail. He is scheuded to be in municipal court April 8 for a preliminary hearing.

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