Neighbors hope evictions bring peace to Dayton duplex

Several visits to a rental home in the 1300 block of Arbor Avenue by Dayton police and complaints to police from neighbors have led the owner to evict the tenants.

“We’ve had domestics in the middle of the street, people physically fighting,” one neighbor told News Center 7’s Kate Bartley.

Another neighbor said police cruisers have visited the address way too often.

Most residents living near the duplex declined to comment publicly for fear of reprisals by the tenants.

A check of police incident reports for the address turned up calls on several allegations of criminal offenses since late September, including child endangerment, drug possession, obstructing official police business, possession of drug paraphernalia.

In one police incident report from two weeks ago, police found a car in the garage of the house — fully engulfed in flames. In that same car police and firefighters found a household bleach bottle and a flare.

The Dayton Police Department served several people at the property with nuisance complaints, which bars them from returning to the address.

The owner, Mark Kaser, said he’s evicting the tenants this week and he’ll run background and credit checks on potential new tenants.