Pike County shootings show ‘similarities’ to Kentucky murders

Kenton County, Kentucky officials said a double fatal shooting in their county two weeks before the Pike County shootings have “similarities” to the killings of members of the Rhoden family, according to a new report from WSYX in Columbus.

“There were similarities between both,” Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders told WSYX. “I think the situations are related to drug dealing, not how the victims were killed.”

Kenton County is located about 100 miles from Pike County.

According to the report, Kenton County authorities said a well-known drug dealer and his girlfriend were discovered shot to death execution-style in their bed, two weeks before eight members of the Rhoden family were killed execution-style in Pike County.

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“I am sure our investigators have looked at that case,” Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine told WSYX. “I have not looked at it and I am not going to comment further on it.”

DeWine has previously declined to say if an illegal marijuana operation found on the property of one of the Rhoden victims is the reason for the Pike County killings

In the Kenton County killings, the couples’ children were left unharmed by the killers, who police said were familiar with the house, WSYX reported.

In Pike County, DeWine has said the majority of the victims were killed while sleeping in their beds, and Hannah Gilley was found just inches from her newborn. DeWine too has said it appeared the suspects were familiar with the crime scenes.

DeWine said they do not know how many suspects are out there in connection to the Pike County shootings and so far no arrests have been made.

Authorities in Kentucky are still searching for killers in the Kenton County shootings as well.