Police blotter

CONCORD TWP., Miami County (SEPT. 23) – Sheriff’s deputies were called to a Maple Street residence around noon on a complaint of a man and a woman arguing over their infant. The man agreed to leave the residence for the rest of the day.

TIPP CITY (SEPT. 19) – A woman was taken to the hospital after she confronted neighbors with what later was found to be a BB gun. The gun was taken for safekeeping. No one was injured, police said.

VANDALIA (SEPT. 9) – A reported she realized she had left her purse on the hood of her car when she left Vandalia earlier in the day. Police found the purse and called the owner to let her know it had been located and placed in the police department’s property room.

VANDALIA (SEPT. 9) – Police were told a person took a woman’s engagement ring and pawned it. The suspect reportedly had agreed to retrieve the ring and return it but had failed to do so, police were told.

VANDALIA (SEPT. 9) – A man reported he hid in his locked bathroom after two people entered his apartment. The unknown intruders apparently walked through the apartment and then left. The occupant said nothing was missing and he didn’t know what the suspects looked like since he fled before seeing them.

PIQUA (SEPT. 20) – A student at the Upper Valley Career Center was charged with disorderly conduct and suspended from school after threatening another student, Miami County sheriff’s deputies report. A teacher said two students got into an argument in class and one said they were going to shot the other in the face, according to the report.

ENGLEWOOD (SEPT. 8) – An employee of Meijer reported to police a woman put several grocery items in her cart before placing lesser priced UPC labels on the items. The woman checked out, paying the cheaper prices on items before leaving the store without attempting to pay the full amount owed. She was issued a summons for theft.