Police blotter

ENGLEWOOD (FEB. 12) – A 14 year old was taken to juvenile detention after again leaving the house during the night without permission and returning hours later. The girl’s mother reported to police around 2:45 a.m. that her daughter had left sometime after 9:30 p.m. The girl returned after 4 a.m. and told police she was out riding around with two 17-year-old friends. Because this was recurring behavior the parents agreed to have the girl arrested and taken to juvenile detention for being unruly.

VANDALIA (FEB. 7) – Police were called to a Brusman Drive residence to help a man who said he was locked out of his apartment and wanted to get his belongings. The woman said the man was her boyfriend and became enraged when he made sexual advances to her. The woman said she was struck in the face before the man punched a wall. The man was charged with domestic violence and jailed.

TROY (FEB. 15) – A man who came to the Miami County Jail to visit an inmate, ended up in jail himself. Sheriff’s deputies reported it was found while the man was visiting that there was a warrant from Miami County for his arrest. The man was contacted in the visitation room, handcuffed and escorted to the jail where he was turned over to correction officers.

PLEASANT HILL (FEB. 13) – A Miami County sheriff’s deputy on patrol passed a westbound vehicle he thought was driving with a flat tire. The vehicle was driving around 60 mph and crossed the yellow line several times as the deputy followed it. The vehicle was stopped a short time later and the deputy found the right rear tire gone. The driver denied any problems with the car and said she had had “a few” drinks with friends in Troy earlier in the evening. The woman thought she was in Troy and failed all field sobriety tests. She was taken to the Covington Police Department for drunk driving processing before being released to a sober friend.

TROY (FEB. 13) – A Troy man stopped by police for speeding and running stops signs told the officer he was in a hurry to get to court because there was a warrant for him. The officer said he saw the man driving a truck on Race Street around 8:30 a.m. and attempted to catch up with the truck because he, too, was aware of the warrant. The man alleged ran three stop signs before pulling over and saying he was on his way to court. He was taken to jail on the warrant and received a citation for a stop sign violation.

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