Police: Man stole $150K from mom to buy sex dolls, 150 lingerie pieces

The Dayton man who stole more than $150,000 from his mother for pornography and fetish materials purchased more than 150 items of lingerie, silicone sex dolls, a laptop computer and other items, according to court records.

Shaun Joseph, 59, admitted he shouldn’t have spent $166,000 on such items and that his mother is non-verbal, non-communicative, nearly blind and has profound dementia, according to a search warrant affidavit and return.

Joseph was indicted on two counts of theft from an elderly person above $37,500, two counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material and two counts pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor.

No trial date has been set in Joseph’s Montgomery County Common Pleas Court case.

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The search warrant inventory from Joseph’s home on Merryfield Avenue included five silicone dolls with multiple heads, one box of unopened lingerie purchases including wigs, sex toys and a box of ligature. It also included two laptop computers, a desktop computer, a television and three cellphones.

The February 2019 affidavit said many credit cards and bank accounts had Joseph’s mother’s name on them and that many purchases were for “Cam/Web Girls.”

The document also said Amazon showed more than 150 pieces “of what could be described as women’s lingerie, two life-like sex dolls, other sex toys and a laptop purchased in 2018.

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“Shaun stated that it was he who used the credit cards, but he said that before his mother started ‘going south medically,’ there was an understanding that he was permitted to use her funds,” an investigator wrote. “I told him that it would be acceptable to use the funds appropriately but that over $166,000 on pornography was unacceptable. When I confronted him that his behavior was beyond the scope of what she would have permitted, he agreed.”

Joseph’s mother has been moved to a nursing home for full-time care and Joseph said she has been non-communicative for about 2½ years, the document said.

“He believed that since his mother permitted him to use her accounts in previous times when she was lucid, this was permission enough to spend over $166,000,” the investigator wrote, “all while not appropriately providing a high level of care that she so desperately needed given her mental and physical capacity.”

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Additional search warrants led to a search of multiple computers that revealed “multiple videos of child pornography.”

Joseph is free on bond, according to the online municipal court docket.

Joseph owed money to creditors but did not have a felony criminal record in Montgomery County, according to court records.

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